Burn Knives Razor Red OTF Auto Vegas Forge Ladder Damascus Double Edge W/ Flared Scythe Midsection and polished Overlays Skull Button


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SKU: BURN KNIVES Red Razor - Polished Overlays - DE Vegas Forge Ladder Damascus Blade

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Burn Knives Razor Model. Red anodized 7075 Aluminum Chassis with Sterling Silver Skull button with polished SS overlays. Fantastic stainless steel flared Scythe mid-chassis section. Hollow Ground Double Edged Vegas Forge Ladder Damascus blade.

Burn Knives Razor Red OTF Auto Satin Double Edge W/ Flared SS Phantom Mid Lava Fat Carbon Overlays Skull Button

  • Model Number: Razor Vegas Forge Ladder/Red Ano
  • Overall Length: 8 7/8"
  • Blade Length: 3 7/8"
  • Handle Length: 5.0"
  • Blade Material: Vegas Forge Ladder Damascus blade
  • Blade Style: Double Edge
  • Finish: Vegas Forge Ladder Damascus blade
  • Color: Red Ano Aluminum with polished overlays
  • Weight: 6.7 oz.

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