Southern Edges Loyalty Point Program

We have many loyal customers at Southern Edges and we want to reward YOU!

What do you do? Sign up for a Southern Edges Account! Get 1000 points when you do to help you get started, and 2 points for every Dollar you spend. These points don't expire and require no minimum purchase to use...

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Earning Points...

Get them by:
1. Earn 2 points per $1 spent
2. Sign up for an account and receive 1000 points
3. Refer a friend who spends $200 or more and receive 500 points
4. Earn 1000 points on your Birthday!
5. Earn 200 points for visiting our Facebook Page

Redeem points as follows: 1 coupon per order

1000 points = $10 off Coupon Code
2000 points = $20 off Coupon Code
4000 points = $40 off Coupon Code
10000 points = $100 off Coupon Code

Some rules (and these can change at Southern Edges descretion)

These points start as of 11/26/19 and cannot be used, or gained for previous purchases. Returns and cancelled orders result in loss of points. Other discounts or specials exclude other words there is no point reward when any other discounts are applied. Points cannot be transferred to others or redeemed for any cash value.



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