Layaway Instructions,Terms, and Conditions

Do you want a knife and need to do layaway? Its a fairly simple process outlined here. Just purchase one of our layaway amounts to hold a knife, and make payments. Simply purchase one of our layaway products. The layaway product amount for a down payment depends on the cost of the knife. The instructions are outlined below. Call me with any questions...there is no interest, and 90 days to pay.


1- INSTRUCTIONS - Place an an initial down payment "layaway" in the cart to checkout. You will check out and pay for the "layaway" not the knife.
Do not place the knife in the cart, and do not attempt to check knife out with the "layaway". You will be just checking out and paying for one of the "layaway" products as your initial down payment.
Initial payment varies with price of knife but minimum is $50.  $50 is the minimum non-refundable deposit, knives from $500-$1000 have a $100 non-refundable deposit (the down payment is more). Knives $1000-$2000 have a $200 non-refundable deposit. Knife layaway above $2000 have lower deposits and easier terms (more than 120 days). For knives above $2000, the deposit is 10% and is non-refundable. These deposits help ensure that a knife removed from availability for NOW 120 days or more are purchased. Loss of deposit after 120 days occurs without notice, payment responsibility is on the buyer. There will be no notice that 30 days has elapsed without a payment. Substitutions or switching knives is not allowed and please don't ask ( again no one else can buy your knife because I have put it aside just for you). This is a small business and holding unpaid inventory (unavailable for purchase by anyone) is a significant expense, please respect that. I want everyone to get the knives they want, and losing a deposit is not what I want to see anyone have happen.

2- There is a comment section at checkout that allows you to note which knife you want (ex. 121-2 T )

3- Follow up payments can be made the same way as initial payment. Follow up payments are expected every 30 days or less from previous payment and can be made anytime.

4- $7 is standard shipping for a knife less than $500...and should be added to the knife total

5- Odd amounts at final payment can be done using different "layaway" or "sticker" amounts.

6- Layaway terms and conditions are subject to change.

7- Last payment should have correct address added in the comment section...

LASTLY- Enjoy your knife!!!

Remember -You have NOW 120 DAYS days to then pay off your new knife. If you need other terms, just call and we can make it happen. Lack of payments (every 30 days) will result in loss of deposit.




You want to purchase the 231-1 UTX-85. Its price is $235 (plus $7 for shipping) = $242

1. Place $50 Layaway product in your cart to check out...

2. Do NOT place the knife wanted in the cart.

3. Proceed to check out the "layaway" - you will be prompted to create an account at checkout.

4.At checkout there is a comment section where you can note the knife model you want (231-1 UTX-85) and any other notes you may have for me.

5. Pay for "layaway".

6. When initial down payment is received I remove that knife from inventory (it may or may not be the only one I have) and physically place the knife aside for you with your name on it.

7. Follow up payments are made the same way as above and any combination of "layaway" products may be checked out...FOR EXAMPLE: If you have a final payment of $27 you can check out two (2) $1 "layaway" and five (5) $5 "layaway" in a cart at the same time.

8. Knife is mailed out with final payment.


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