Heretic Manticore S.E.X. 2 Kit -OTF Auto Three Knife Cased Numbered Set


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Southern Edges Exclusive Limited Number Set

Heretic Manticore S.E.X. OTF Auto Three Knife Cased Numbered Set

One Bad Ass Set in a Pelican 1170 case! The knives are Battleworn Two-tone DLC Bowie Edged blades, with black DLC button, black DLC hardware, and DLC Rollerball clip. Only markings on the chassis are the corresponding "S","E","X" Letter for the knife.

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You get:

Bottle of the OTF lube
S.E.X. patch
1170 Pelican Case

These knives are 100% USA made and assembled. Backed by a lifetime warranty you can rest assured that this OTF will last.

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