RMJ Shrike S13 Tomahawk 13.875" Model Black Handle with Spike End


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RMJ's Shrike S13 Tomahawk with a wicked Spiked end! This is the shorter version of the standard 15" Shrike.

  • Model Number: Shrike S13 Tomahawk
  • Overall Length: 7"
  • Overall Height: 13.875"
  • Forward Blade Length: 2.75"
  • Blade Material: 80CRV2
  • Finish: Tungsten Cerakote
  • Color: Black over-molded high durometer rubber
  • Weight: 24.7 oz with sheath

RMJ Shrike S13 Tomahawk 13.875" Model Black Handle with Spike End

RMJ specializes in tomahawks for all situations, the Shrike defines that more than any other tool in our line up. The Shrike is an high-performance spiked tomahawk that fits in wherever you need it.  It's a great outdoor adventure tomahawk for hikes and camping, and a robust first responder breach and extract tool.  That includes if you need to cut electrical wires, breach an electric vehicle or work around any live wires. Think of one tool, many tasks.  The tomahawk features a 3 inch forward edge that is razor sharp, that is combined with a 3" distal tapered spike that can be used for digging, shattering tempered glass, breaching windshields, penetrating sheet metal, it can be used to hack through concrete and wood, to breaking chains and hardened padlocks.  We want you to never leave home without being prepared, whether that's a serious emergency situation or exploring the next vista to watch a killer sunset. 

Now onto what sets the Shrike apart from the rest.  That is a super tough rubber over-molded handle that is textured for extra grip with a huge bonus beyond great grip and vibration reduction, it is also insulated.  The Shrike has been tested to be insulated up to 2,000 volts.  Meaning if you are chopping  through a wall and connect with a live electrical wire, you will have some protection from getting electrocuted! The butt end of the grip features a cap that screws off to gain access to a small storage compartment. The ax features our Tungsten Cerakote finish for corrosion resistance and a low viz look. It includes  a Bottom-Eject molded kydex sheath and Low-Ride M.O.C. straps.

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