Blackside Customs-Yo-Yo- Silicon Bronze

blackside customs

SKU: BSC-Y -Silicon Bronze

Small Micro-batch - few made

Blackside Customs Yo-Yo in Silicon Bronze

Fantastic and clever three piece design. Milled Silicon Bronze outer shells, notched for control, and a removable Titanium Spindle.

Diameter-2 1/4"
Weight- 6.4 oz

Blackside Customs was born in N.Y. on the outside-the-box thinking and design invested into the highest quality edc carry gear, tools, and pens- and now YO-YOs made.

You will triple loop your string

Great You Tube Video for your cool Yo-Yo

How to string your Yo-Yo

What is Silicon Bronze?
Silicon bronze usually contains about 96 percent copper. The remainder may be silicon alone, but more often a little manganese, tin, iron, or zinc also is added. These alloys were developed originally for the chemical industry because of their exceptional resistance to corrosion in many liquids. Their application later extended far beyond this field, chiefly because of their good casting qualities, strength, hardness, and ease of welding.

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