Terrain 365 Otter Slip Flip -AT Ti

Terrain 365

SKU: Otter Slip Flip -AT Ti

New Flipper version!
The Terrain 365 Otter Slip Flip-AT is a straightforward, basic, detent type slipjoint flipper, featuring our rustproof, edge-holding Terravantium™ blade. "AT" means this folder is built for "All Terrains" and impervious to rust. Like its animal namesake, this pocket knife is equally at home in the water or on land. Available with titanium billet handles with a titanium detent leaf.
With a similar profile as our Otter Slipjoint, the Otter Slip Flip-AT uses a contemporary flipper tab to quickly open the blade and a 100% rustproof, nonferrous, nonmagnetic All Terrain construction with a titanium detent leaf nested inside titanium billet handles, titanium hardware, pocket clip, and ceramic bearings.

Terrain 365 Otter Slip Flip -AT Ti

  • Model Number: Otter Slip Flip -AT Ti
  • Overall Length: 6.9375"
  • Blade Length: 3.00"
  • Handle Length: 3.9375"
  • Blade Material: TerravantiumTM
  • Blade Style: Spearpoint
  • Finish: Blasted
  • Color: Blasted Titanium
  • Weight: 3.1 oz

Info on TerravantiumTM

dendritic cobalt super-alloy:


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